Our Story

  • Abroad Shiksha


    HBW group ventures into Education abroad consulting and facilitation domain

  • 	 Websocialite



  • HBW Pharmecy


    Our flagship pharmacuetical retail store opens in Gurgaon

  • Awesome Bazar


    HBW Retail goes online with the brand name of awesome bazar

  • HBW Group


    HBW Group

  • Tivrr



  • makeupetc


    name brand Cosmetic store chain comences its operations

  • awesome bazar


    Awesome bazar sucessfully closes its first funding round

  • Abroad Shiksha


    Abroad shiksha helps its first batch of 20 students in securing admissions and visa

  • Awesomebazar


    Awesome bazar gets acquired



    MESPL was founded and it started its operations with 15 Foreign universities as its clients

  • Abroad Shiksha


    Abroad shiksha closes a angel round of funding successfully

  • Web socialite


    web socialite hires its core development team and starts product developement with a mission bto simplify business management for SMB's

  • Tivrr


    Tivrr a start up incubator to assist startups under the HBW cohort was founded and it starts its operations from HBW group's office

  • Abroad Shiksha


    Abroad Shiksha goes digital and becomes India's first 100% digitalised service for students looking to study abroad

  • Abroad Shiksha


    Abroad Shiksha comences with its beta product where over 100 students will use our digital product and secure admissions abroad

  • Abroad Shiksha.com


    Abroad Shiksha.com finishes its beta testing and along the way helped over 50 students (digitally) in securing admissions and visa to premier universities globally

About Us


Our group was established with a mission to provide the best possible solutions for regular day-to-day as well as complex socio-economic problems. We intend to provide a fresh customer-focused perspective to various industries we are involved in including education, healthcare and wellness, real estate, retail and telecommunications. Our focus on solutions and services that enhance the quality of life for our customers and partners can be gauged by our 24x7 global service delivery model, franchisee opportunities that enhance our partner’s earning capabilities, a highly qualified and professional workforce, state-of-the-art inventory and operational management capabilities, and the extensive experience of our founders and promoters.

We are a business group that is dedicated to creating accessible opportunities for superior earning, service, support and fulfilment for our affiliates, suppliers and clients. As an organisation, we intend to deliver and surpass the expectations of our customers in every market we operate in. We are deeply committed to improve existing standards and set a newer, higher bar for consumer and partner experience. Our areas of operations have been specifically chosen to enhance and enrich the basic everyday requirements of health, education and shelter for the individual. We bring a newer way to do business – one that understands the impact of overall socio-economic environment in daily lives and provides solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone and leaves an enduring positive impact in every facet of the lives we touch.

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We believe in establishing a strong ethos based on commitment to truth and honesty in all aspects of our work. To this end, we create and maintain strong relationships with our clients, associates and investors based on mutual respect and trust. Our strong belief in equitable business ethics and integrity as the cornerstones for all our business relationships is another reason why our business model is so successful.

We have grown from humble beginnings to establish the foundation of a strong and viable business in a very short time. Our promoters and founders have a wealth of experience spanning over half a century. This robust background along with our deep commitment to intrinsic human values of honesty, ethics, integrity and prudent business practices enable us to provide opportunities that are above par excellence.

Our successful experience in replicating our profitable business models has allowed us to offer business options which enable our affiliates to achieve similar levels of growth and accomplishment. Our step-wise business set-up model is geared for success. Each small step in the operational roadmap has been minutely examined and fail-proof solutions have been customised for each market and target consumer audience. We have a firm commitment to symbiotic relationships and intend to collaborate with each partner for their future development and success. We aim to deliver extraordinary opportunities for professional and individual growth that allow our affiliates to achieve their maximum potential.

How Are We Different

How Are We Different

Our company is involved with diverse business interests ranging from healthcare and cosmetics to real estate and education. The values of holistic well being and personal and mutual development are an intrinsic part of all our endeavours. We are family owned and operated. And our strength flows from this strong foundation of trust, cooperation and mutual growth. Our pharmaceuticals and cosmetics expertise was the foundation on which the rest of the company was built. We have exhaustive real world experience in the field – managing numerous brands and hundreds of products. This has led to a natural evolution into the other relevant sectors in which we provide our valuable expertise. Over the years, we have developed a strong presence in the market. This has been largely due to our commitment to developing product and brand diversity. Today, we are associated with a multitude of brands, both global and domestic. Building such a wide network is not only a testament to our sound business practices, but also a great example of our wider strategic vision. For instance, our foreign education consulting service is a one-stop solution for all the needs of a student aspiring to study abroad. We not only help with country and university selection and career counselling, but also provide assistance with visa, college application, financial aid, travel arrangements and potential pre-departure and post-landing issues. Our holistic approach can be witnessed in our franchisee opportunities. When people sign on as our franchisees, they not only associate themselves with a brand or a firm, but with experienced people that can provide them the right guidance and also lay the groundwork for their fast growth. We understand and realise the value of a multi-pronged approach that help our franchisees to achieve their goals. Our experience helps us to lay down a step-wise operational strategy with the right tools for our team members. For instance, in a pharmacy, besides the complexity inherent on today’s medicines, there are a lot of other obstacles such as laws and regulations. Our well laid roadmap helps the team member to avoid any pitfalls and embark on an upward growth path. With us, franchising is not implemented with a checkbox approach. What we provide is creative and individual solutions geared toward achieving specific strategic objectives. All advice and operational plans are customised for the local market and focus on increasing ROI at an appreciable rate. Our approach is based on a realistic, hands-on experience. With us, you will have access to this information 24x7. Our knowledge base is the greatest resource for achieving your goals. We are deeply committed to delivering value in every field we are in. The experienced leadership and management teams of HBW are focussed on providing solutions that set us apart from the rest of the field.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has witnessed considerable acceleration in volume and sales over the past few years. Currently, the third largest in the world in terms of production, the market continues to grow by leaps and bounds due to the growing population and the increasing focus on healthcare. The rise in income levels across both urban and rural areas has allowed people to access better healthcare facilities and medicine. The sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% and reach $55 billion by 2020 according to IBEF. The generics segment is expected to witness major growth and reach $26.1 billion by 2016.

The Indian market has seen renewed focus by global majors, especially after patent protection was reinstated in 2005. Most of these companies prefer to have India as a manufacturing hub due to cost efficiencies and policy support. The country is also emerging as an R&D hub as both international and domestic companies focus on discovering new compounds to cure ailments and improve general health.

The economic growth of the country, penetration of healthcare services into the most remote locations and increasing income levels among the population have made drugs more affordable. Moreover, the emergence of health insurance in smaller towns and villages bodes well for the future. This rise in overall healthcare awareness is creating a consequent demand for a sound delivery network that can cater increased volumes to a wider and more conscious consumer base.

In the past, pharmacy stores in India did not focus much on customer service. The lack of adequately trained manpower, a non-dependable migratory labour force, lack of inventory management knowledge, inconvenient hours of operations, or unprofessional ownership and control were among various factors that were responsible for poor customer service.

We recognised this lack of professionalism and service support in the market and established HBW (Health, Beauty, Wellness) in 2011. Our goal was not only to provide a place where you could buy medications but also offer a high degree of professional and caring service to our clients. Our trained and professional team is very knowledgeable about different prescription drugs in addition to simple over-the-counter medicines. Along with an exhaustive list of high quality allopathic medicines from reputed brands, we also stock and offer a wide range of traditional products based on Ayurvedic and other alternative medicinal disciplines. In addition we also offer baby products and general personal care commodities for overall well being.

Our experience over the last four years has provided us an in-depth expertise into the workings of the pharmaceutical retail service. We know how to set up an enterprise, train staff, stock required medicines and related products at optimal inventory levels, place orders and procure necessary stock, build brand awareness, and increase sales and generate record profits. We know every legal requirement that needs to be met including securing of all necessary approvals and licenses.

We are keen to take this knowledge and experience forward and intend to expand our established brand by developing it into a national retail chain network. We are seeking like minded people to partner with us and take this enterprise to new heights while adhering to our values of dedicated service and honesty. We offer full support and guidance based on our own extensive experience and knowledge as well as forward-looking management and operational practices.

The Indian drug store market is set to reap the benefits of a burgeoning pharmaceutical industry and the future is brighter than ever. You too can choose to be a franchisee for HBW and be our partner in this success story.