AbroadShiksha.com provides a digital ecosystem promoting internationalization, exchange of culture, creating added value to the student career and education services to all stakeholders of the higher education industry. AbroadShiksha offers premium full spectrum education consultancy services to students so as to help them reach the BEST-FIT University Abroad. AbroadShiksha.com with its student-centric approach to education is determined to overhaul the orthodox approach to international education. Helmed by visionary director Kanav Sachdeva and Jyoti Sachdeva , AbroadShiksha is structured to be the perfect stepping stone for a student from local to the global atmosphere. It provides the right assistance required to make the transition smooth, seamless and effortless.  Abroadshiksha.com offers multiple services to students helping them achieve a quality international education. We also host survey and data based ranking of global universities making it easier for our students to comprehend education overseas and find Universities offering them a better foundation for a successful career.

counseling services by AbroadShiksha are curated to solve all potential short-term and long- term problems faced by students abroad. Our Founder Mr. Kanav Sachdeva has first-hand experience of education abroad in 3 different countries because of which he understands the issues faced by students.

He has got a great experience regarding meeting fellow students from across the globe, understanding and solving common problems faced by international students while Studying and after graduation during the job Hunt phase.

Premium counseling services by AbroadShiksha are rendered by a team of expert counselors and assisted by a cognitive A.I. engine. AbroadShiksha specializes in answering core issues like finding the BEST-FIT University, solving Student visa issues, finding student accommodations along with counseling students regarding all the doubts and clarifications they may need to completely comprehend foreign education. The proper approach followed over here leads to assured admissions for a successful career abroad. Along with helping students to secure admissions in over 48 countries across all continents, we also offer scholarships and provide personalized services both online and offline to ensure every possible step is taken to land the student in their dream University. With the aid of innovative algorithms, Abroad Shiksha overpowers the existing mechanism employed by typical education counselors to become a one-of-a-kind student-career-centric education consultancy platform that analyzes a student's potential, interests and industry clusters to ensure every dream sees the light of the day. We strive every day to be the perfect bridge between a student's aspirations and career outcomes.

AbroadShiksha with its methodological approach towards securing admissions and scholarships has propelled many students to successful global careers. AbroadShiksha.com helps students in a personalized manner to assist them in finding the best higher education opportunity abroad.

With AbroadShiksha you get a robust international education network.

AbroadShiksha Success
Assistance for 5 Applications
5 Expert Counselling Sessions
Basic Support for SOP and LOR
Visa Support
Accommodation search

Pricing:-   18,750.00


AbroadShiksha Super Career
Assistance for 6 Applications
8 Expert Counselling Sessions
Advanced Support for SOP and LOR
Advanced Visa Support
Accommodation Search

Pricing:-   60,000.00


AbroadShiksha Achiever
Assistance for 6 Applications
10 Expert Counselling Sessions
SOP and LOR editing
Advanced VISA Support
Accommodation search

Pricing:-   750,000.00


AbroadShiksha Genius
Assistance for 6 Applications
15 Expert Counselling Sessions
Basic Profile building
Complete Support for SOP and LOR
Support for Scholarships
Advanced Visa Support

Pricing:-   125,000.00


USA & Canada

Follow the American dream by studying abroad in the US or find your dream university in Canada.

South America

Study abroad in latin america find out more about studying in south america.

Africa & Middle East

If you are planning your career in Africa or Middle East, then get the detailed information here..


Asia- Asia is the land of new horizons. Find out about studying in various Asian countries.

Australia and New Zealand

Study in some of the best Universities of New Zealand and Australia. Find more information here

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Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. We at Abroadshiksha help you to boost up your business and showcase your extraordinary potential with our Affiliate associate program. The program has been specially designed for the people from the education and corporate domain so that they can increase their business and credibility.

By becoming our associate partner, you will be required to generate more enrolments and earn commissions by motivating the students to take up our services and enroll in the colleges suggested. Through this program we aim to help the associates to assist the students in finding higher quality educational institutions across the globe and earn some financial incentives for themselves. With our expert assistance, you can develop the student's career overseas in the chosen field and create a personal brand as well as profits for yourself.

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