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Running a business is perhaps the biggest test of a personrsquo;s skills. Calculations, instinct, risks, predictions, relationships, both with the clients and the employees ndash; a successful leader must be able to execute it all to perfection. Thatrsquo;s why obtaining an MBA from a prestigious institution is a must. While Indian institutions do make for a decent paycheque, if you are among the more ambitious kind and look forward to building both your reputation and your career, foreign institutions are your best bet ndash; especially Canada, Australia and the UK. Comparing the eligibility of a candidate in the three nations, while Canada requires 4 years of education after 10+2, 3 years is sufficient in the UK and Australia. Although the latter two nations require work experience. Most of the universities in these nations require GMAT or IELTS ndash; the requirements vary with each institution. Coming to the expense incurred during the course, Australia is the best option for those with the budget as a decisive factor. The average total expense of the cost of living and tuition fees across different institutions and different MBA specializations comes out to be 12 lakh in Australia, 13 in the UK and 15.5 in Canada. The course duration is 1 year in the UK, 12-18 months in Australia and 18-24 months in Canada. In terms of job opportunities and career prospects, Canada is the perfect destination for a student. Nearly 95% of the students who pass out with an MBA degree in Canada secure a job within six months of graduating. The nationrsquo;s working visa laws are also pretty relaxed. As for the UK, working in the nation requires one to apply for Tier 2 visa, meant for Highly Skilled Workers. Eligibility for the Tier 2 visa requires an annual wage of pound;20,500 or above and is valid up to a maximum of 5 years. As for Australia, graduates who have obtained a Bachelorrsquo;s or a Masterrsquo;s degree can apply for a two-year post-study work visa. So make an informative decision based on the above facts and get your career on a smooth and uprising curve. Consult with foreign education advisory firmnAbroad Shiksha<nto get a better idea of your potential and make the application and admission process smooth. Get one of the most valued degrees worldwide at a place worthy of your aspirations to live your dream life.