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With the career-decisive 10+2 results out now, preparations and planning are certainly underway in every studentrsquo;s family. A reason for celebration as it indeed is for all those who have performed well, we chime in our hearty congratulations to them. Apart from that, we also have a word of advice for parents whose children couldnrsquo;t stand out in the extremely competitive atmosphere of today. Every student tries his or her best to score well in the board examinations, and the failure to do so leaves them disappointed enough without the added misery of their parentrsquo;s remarks. So rather than reminding their child what he or she could have done, it is better for parents to focus on what still can be done ndash; because a subpar score in 10+2 is not the end of the road. There are plenty of ways to turn such a result around and get a career back on track, and foreign studies may well be the best among them. Pathway programs are the primary recourse to build up after the setback of a subpar score. These are low-cost, one-year educational programs that provide students skills and confidence necessary to start college. They help your kid strengthen his or her basics, build a foundational understanding of the concepts related to the field he or she desires to pursue a Bachelors degree in and enable a student to score well in entrance exams for reputed colleges. Pathway programs can be pursued in nations such as thenUnited Kingdom<,nAustralia<, andnCanada<, where these programs lead a student to a mainstream career. Their division into accelerated, advanced and standard programs in Canada allows a student to also choose his desired time frame ndash; ranging from 6 months to a year. Bath spa university, University of Leeds, Coventry University, nand RMIT are also some of the best destinations to apply for pathway programs at. Another reason for your kidrsquo;s subpar performance can be his or her interest. While most parents can only envision their child as an engineer, a doctor or a chartered accountant, a student sees much more possibilities available before him. From sports to theater, chef to artists, and music to management; there is no dearth of options for a student to build a successful career in. If filmmaking is your kidrsquo;s passion, thenUSA<nand the UK are the best options to consider. Several A-list celebrities are graduates of the London Film School. The American counterparts, New York Film Academy and The Los Angeles Film School are just as capable of nurturing your kidrsquo;s talents. Coming to fashion designing, Paris, Milan, and London are considered the fashion capitals of the world ndash; therefore it goes without saying France, Italy, and the UK are the best destinations to pursue a course in fashion. College de Paris and UAL are among the most sought after institutions in the world. When it comes to sports, hardly any nation can compete with the facilities available in the UK. The nation has 18 county cricket teams, 92 football teams, 94 basketball teams and has been a consistent performer in international games; making it the top choice to pursue sports management. The United Kingdom offers over 165 sports management bachelorrsquo;s degrees and 91 masterrsquo;s degrees, providing best provisions for a student to pursue the course according to his or her liking. Some other sought after courses in the premier educational nations, thenUSA<nand the UK, are visual arts and sculptures, and archaeology. So believe in your kid to rise above the setback of subpar 10+2 scores. At a time when he or she really needs your support, it is better to skip those remarks and plan for the future ndash; just as everybody else is doing. Marks are just the catalyst to a great career, not determinants of it ndash; and there is plenty to pursue internationally even with mediocre scores. So donrsquo;t let your child be drenched in disappointment, guide him to a great career despite this setback because, at the end, marks are nothing but mere numbers that failed to judge your kidrsquo;s potential correctly.