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Gone are the days when only engineers or doctors were looked upon as successful people. Success mantra has refined in the recent years with the emergence of career opportunities in almost every field, and now success is the direct result of onersquo;s passion. However, a stronger skill set is necessary to complement your passion and those who aspire for success can attain the required skills easily through foreign education. Those determined to make it big in the fashion industry would find the UK to be a top contender. Designer, fashion illustrator, fashion PR, fashion journalist, and fashion stylist are some of the career opportunities that fashion students can explore. According to Business of Fashion, University of the Arts London is the best undergraduate institution for fashion studies in the world and the Royal College of Art the best graduate institution. Among the criteria for admission, a portfolio of creative design work is a must along with 6.0 overall IELTS score. Those with sports as their passion can follow it with degrees in sports marketing, sports management, sports medicine and psychology from the USA, one of the leading nations in sports development ndash; as is evident from Olympic tables through the years. University of San Francisco, Millersville University and William Woods University are some of the options for international students to consider. Coming to culinary arts, a passion for health and cooking can be put to use in careers such as chef, sous-chef, caterer, food stylist, nutritionist etc. The Australian culinary industry thrives upon its creative cuisines, traditional western palate, fusion food, international influences and emphasizes upon open-air cooking, making the nation your best choice. Australian College of Applied Education, Le Cordon Bleu Australia and Victoria University are the best options to follow your passion. New Zealand is a premier destination to be considered for hospitality studies. The nation offers excellent employment opportunities, with the industry set to grow by 11% from 2015-21. Not only is the cost of studying cheaper than in the USA or the UK; most institutions in the nation also provide on-the-job training. Auckland University of Technology and University of Waikato and PIHMS are among the best colleges for hospitality studies. For further information regarding the courses, expenses, and career prospects, consult online student advisory firmnAbroad Shiksha<nand increase your chances of admission into one of the top institutions worldwide. Write your success story with your passion only with Abroad Shiksha.