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Perhaps there isnrsquo;t any profession as rewarding as that of a doctor. The pay is decent, constant and you get to make a difference in human lives ndash; every day. Moreover, there are plenty of options for a student to choose from ndash; anaesthetics, pathology, psychiatry, surgery etc. Although Indian medical institutes do hold a respectable repute, it may bode well for a passionate student to aim for foreign institutes for better exposure and a greater skill set.
n Lithuania is currently one of the most lucrative destinations for international medical students, owing to the cheapest tuition fees in Europe and a vast number of programs offered, which include medicine dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing and pharmacy among others. Those seeking admission into Lithuanian medical institutes require a high school diploma with chemistry and biology. Mathematics and physics serve as an advantage. Bulgaria is another nation for medical aspirants to consider, and quite a lot of factors point to its supremacy amongst the rest. The quality of education, reasonable cost of living, low tuition fees, experienced faculty, recognition all over Europe and student mobility are major plus points. Moreover, apart from a few universities, no admission test is required by most institutions. The nation offers courses in general medicine, dentistry, public health management, pharmacy etc. Coming to the pricier segment of the recommended nations, Australia, although costing about 4,00,000 Australian dollars for complete medical studies, is a great option to consider as far as quality is considered. The nation offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. After the course is complete, the state medical registration board requires students to intern for a year in order to be eligible to register and practice as resident medical officers. Lastly, the UK is one of the most competitive and sought-after destination for medical students. The breakdown of the medical training consists of a 6-year undergraduate medical program, followed by a two-year foundation program necessary for further training and finally general practice (GP) or speciality training, with the duration depending upon the area of speciality. Although the course is extensive, the skill set provided and the high standard of living more than makes up for it. So curate your medical aspirations with the best possible assistance available in the world. Judge your true potential and proceed with your best option with proper guidance fromnAbroad Shiksha<. Human lives are a delicate matter, so be prepared with the best available training.
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