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With attractions such as England, Germany and Italy in the vicinity, one doesnrsquo;t expect Ireland to steal the limelight, be it in the matters of tourism, technology or education. However, as the ever-changing global scenario would have it, the small nation close to England is home to some of the mightiest names in the technological world. While the country is the European headquarters of companies such as Apple, Dropbox, Dell, eBay, LinkedIn and Twitter, the nationrsquo;s capital, Dublin, adds the names of Google and Facebook as well. Apple, Google and Facebook ndash; three of the worldrsquo;s top four most valuable brands according to Forbes have set up their offices in Ireland. To add to such names is the startup atmosphere in Ireland with countless projects and competitions for emerging local startups being held throughout the year. The nationrsquo;s government leaves no stone unturned to develop and nurture the IT industry and has set up three agencies for the purpose. The Industrial Development Authority is responsible for encouraging MNCs to create jobs in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland focuses on developing local businesses and helping them succeed both nationally and internationally while Science Foundation Ireland provides grants to Irish universities for research purposes. The presence of such supportive atmosphere makes Ireland one of the most lucrative destinations for any IT aspirant. Be it an interest in IT or a pool of entrepreneurial skills, the University College Dublin, Griffith College, Dublin Institute of Technology and other Ireland institutions hold plenty of experience and expertise needed to cultivate them. Meeting the eligibility criteria of these colleges can be a gruesome task and as such, it is advisable for a student to focus on his or her studies and leave picking out the perfect college to experts like Abroad Shiksha. An online education consultancy firm, Abroad Shiksha has placed over 4000 students to reputed universities abroad. With its services assisting students in obtaining a visa, student loans and accommodations as well among other things, Abroad Shiksha is certainly ensuring future shines brightly for ambitious Indian students.

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