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Known as one of the most evergreen and broadest engineering branches, Mechanical Engineering is the dream of nearly every student with lucrative salary packages, challenging work nature and vast exposure. Some of the career aspects involve designing, development, production that are used to solve mechanical issues. Students prefer to explore their career options abroad with countries that have a better economy of providing better and lucrative opportunities. They have access to a better standard of education followed by rewarding job opportunities. By studying overseas, an individual develops and achieves the essential career boost. It is regarded as one of the most highest paying jobs all-over the world. Career opportunities for Mechanical Engineers abroad are in plenty. Some of the conducive destinations include Germany, U.S, UK, Canada and Switzerland. Germany: One of the most important and well-sought after industries in Germany is of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering is considered as the second-largest revenue generates of Germany. In the year 2012, the amount of revenue generated was more than euro;209 billion. Students overseas looking for career opportunities in Germany easily get jobs as the work permits is relaxed by the government. Some of the top manufacturing and automotive companies have their head-offices situated in Germany that are known for their products and services. It is considered as one of the most economical study options overseas. The career options are in abundance and also settling down in Germany allows a contented standard of living. United States of America: Being one of the largest consumer markets in the world, the career opportunities for mechanical engineers are in ample. 29 out of worldrsquo;s top 100 universities are in in the US that offer courses to develop and enhance knowledge in this field. They are considered the best in the field. Most of the courses offered are research-centric which allows a student to gain a strong academic background. Manufacturing and design fields offers the most number of jobs. Top universities in the east coast have a higher-rate of generating employment. n United Kingdom: Known for its exemplary education courses and high-quality manufacturing base, the United Kingdom proves to be great place for mechanical engineers to boost their careers. 28 out of the worldrsquo;s 100 universities in mechanical Engineering are in the UK. Having said that, due to its strict immigration policies and high- education costs, it is not a preferred destination for overseas mechanical engineers. Though in one of the recent survey conducted, mechanical engineering was considered one of the top and highest paying jobs. n Canada: Being one of the most infrastructural sound countries with an advanced economy and vast access to natural resources. In order to attain a job in Canada, an individual needs to get a license by a professional engineering association in Canada in order to practice. But doing that increases the chances of a well-sought after life with lucrative employment opportunities in one of the worldrsquo;s most dynamic workforces. Canada is home to many prestigious and top universities in the world in the field of mechanical engineering. Attaining a green card and settling down proves to be a lot easier in Canada. It is one of the fastest developing countries in the field of mechanical engineering. The job opportunities are in ample and some of the top companies like 3M, Honda, Air Canada, Toyata and a new namely offer lucrative employment opportunities. Switzerland: One of the wealthiest countries in the world, Switzerland with its extensive resources and economy proves to be one of the most peaceful and lucrative destination for any mechanical engineer. With its success in innovative engineering, scientific research and manufacturing prove to be vital components of the Swiss economy. Home to some of the major multinational companies, Switzerland proves to be a major career booster. The competition is fierce with requirement for highly skilled individuals in the field of mechanical engineering. It proves to be one of the top destinations for further studies as the government invests huge sums in education, research and development. Mechanical engineering has been one of the most sought after fields in engineering with opportunities world-wide. Each country demonstrates an array of beneficial career prospects that helps in enhancing an individualrsquo;s profession. Depending on the specified field of mechanical engineering, an individual should weigh the prospects keeping in mind the countries procedures and choose which gives maximum benefit. Studying or working overseas proves to be a definite career booster/

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