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The high status that the USA holds in the world today is credited to its all-round excellence, be it in the field of military, athletics, technology or construction. The base of this excellence is indeed the peerless quality of education that the nation provides. This quality education not only attracts a great diversity of international students but also becomes the perfect stepping stone for entry into the competitive world. Therefore, getting an MBA ndash; one of the most valuable degrees in the world ndash; from the USA is a really smart idea for those aspiring for success. Innovation Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Security Management, Energy and Cleantech Management and Healthcare Management are some of the specializations the USA offers to a student pursuing MBA. However, a student must have 16 years of undergraduate education to be eligible to pursue the course in the nation. Therefore, a Masters degree is necessary for Indian students who have graduated with a three-year Bachelors course. A student can also opt for a one-year university recognized program. Two to three years of work experience is also recommended ndash; though not required ndash; by most of the universities, along with GMAT and TOEFL examinations. The annual tuition fees of MBA in the USA can range from $10,000 (state school) to $35,000 (public school) and living expenses can range between $700-$1000 per month. Although an expensive country, the USA more than makes up for its high costs in the perks it offers. The average annual salary of an MBA graduate in the USA is $109,000 ndash; three to four times of what Indian institutes offer. Apart from this significant advantage, the institutes in the nation also offer ample growth opportunities and exposure to international students in form of internship with local companies. If you too are among those eager to pursue an MBA from the USA, it is advisable to apply for universities that match your potential. Online student advisory firm Abroad Shiksha specializes in student-centric counselling to make the most of a studentrsquo;s potential. With other services such as visa issuance, application procedure, and fees payment guidance, the firm acts as a perfect bridge between a student and the perfect university for him ndash; and an experience of counselling over 4000 students is a proof to that. So mark your first steps towards your dream career with flawless guidance from Abroad Shiksha.

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