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When we start thinking like a prospective student, we always consider the motivations that will propel them to forward their application - things such as a desire for a good job, new skills, new challenges, new learning opportunities or a constant career growth. Knowing these motivations and specific triggers mean that you will be able to guide the student starting from the application, registration, enrollment, graduation and achieve the best job opportunity by communicating in the best possible manner. n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n nldquo;Think like a student and communicatewhat the student wants to hear!rdquo; nWhen achieving the target of student recruitment, there are so many challenges faced by the universities and colleges these days. With every university operating within a complex student recruitment environment, student recruitment has been strongly influenced by the following range of factors-

    Constant changes in the fee, funding and the immigration policies Declining of the funds by the government to pursue higher education in a foreign university Uncertainty in the global economic environment Fluctuating student preferences Increase in the global competition and so on
nOvercoming these challenges has become important for the international universities and colleges. They are adopting various measures to recruit the best pool of candidates.

According to ldquo;Richard Levinrdquo; - Director of University of Toronto, the major successful student recruitment strategy is to observe ldquo;what will you communicate, how and to whomrdquo;. ldquo;All the messages should be clear, authentic and consistentrdquo;, he adds. Every university who is capable of asking the right questions to itself is capable of answering the students well.

n Some of the proven measures that can be adopted by the universities are- What:nThe key element here is that the colleges should focus on their USP. They should advertise their unique selling propositions such as the degree programs and scholarships that they offer, free summer classes etc. Internship opportunities and student exchange programs should also be highlighted and publicized. Also, the exclusive ldquo;disciplinesrdquo; that are not offered by the other international colleges. Communicate about the vibrant student life, academic offering, alumni, impeccable history and pleasant surroundings to the students as the major marketable aspects. Once you decide the message that you want to deliver, it will be easy to design that message for a diverse audience. To Whom:nBe it school pupils, career counsellors, parents and the family members all of them require a different approach. The content of the message completely depends on the stage of the person. For instance, a school pupil will need more introductory information and a career counsellor might ask for a specific detail. Further, attending the recruitment fairs and travelling across the country and communicating with the students might help. In most of the cases, communicating about the scholarships to the students might be of help. The web is the best strategy to target your audience as it is seen by anyone to everyone. Where:nThere is a common belief that ldquo;Locationrdquo; should always be defined when creating a marketing focus. The recruitment strategy can be fostered in the countries where highest student mobility is observed. Attracting potential students as per the requirement is the key factor here. Approaching students all over the world rather than specific location will not be able to get right audience. How:nSocial media and web has become a crucial tool for student recruitment strategy and an effective university branding technique. The benefits of the internet in spreading positive messages cannot be ignored. Attractive college brochures and social media networking is the best method to reach out to the target audience. Create an attention-grabbing as well as informative website content which gives the detailed information about the programs that your university is offering. As a starting point, complete information of the various campus tours, industrial visits, open house events, competitions and other engagement programs should be provided to the potential applicant. For examplenThe Maastricht University Business school used its live Facebook page which got 2400 views over the site. Why:nWhen designing your recruitment strategy, it is important to think that why you want to recruit. Most of the universities look forward to recruiting to attract the right set of students to enhance their institutersquo;s educational learning. For every good recruitment, the building of network is important to enhance the future collaboration. nAnd do not forget to recruit the right staffhellip;.. Universities should recruit the right international staff so that a proper message is reached amongst the international student and the best hiring process can be conducted. n n

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