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Lifelong growth is no longer a luxury; in fact it has become a necessity!! This is particularly true in the case of Millenials, the age group consisting of Generation Y. The new statistics of the U.S. Council of Graduate Schoolsrsquo; displays that the offers for admission to the Indian post graduates from the global universities are increasing day by day. Usually, people face this dilemma: whether they should study abroad or not? Both the parents and the students get extremely worried over this part. The dynamic global exposure, lure of a valuable foreign degree, excellent market research opportunities along with some of the best career benefits are extremely attractive for the youngsters. There is no doubt about it that most of the postgraduate students look forward to study and move abroad to have a better future. In this global dynamic environment, students are not only looking forward to a great job but a significant job growth as well.n When we speak about the ldquo;strawberry generationsrdquo; of today, we will observe that they are having extremely high career aspirations and they look forward to a dynamic work life behavior and expectations. While most of the millennials will step into their career of dreams searching for a reliable and secure job, the cultural environment of a foreign country helps them in realizing their dreams in the best possible manner. A studentrsquo;s decision to study abroad can be broadly classified under two groups: Motivators and Deterrents (sometimes a combination of both). Broader career development opportunities, personal development, enjoyment or fun comprise of some of the major motivating factors. Missing friends and family, safety, language barriers, financial concerns, and work and family commitments have been documented as the major deterrents. However, culture oriented constructs such as, international awareness, extensive international activities, openness to the cultural diversity, intercultural proficiency and a complete global outlook are the predominant outcomes that attract the Millennial to study abroad. Some of the major requirements and expectations of the students seeking to study abroad are listed below: 1)nnCost of living-nAlthough, cost of living might be more if a student is studying abroad, but the kind of international exposure, internships and part time job opportunities that are available makes the offer all the more lucrative. 2)nnCultural expeditions-nThe students gain exposure to a new global culture which allows them to gain a broader as well as sophisticated opinion. This diversification of their thoughts and values contributes to their making a choice to study abroad. As a result, they look forward to form long term relationships and tackle the global and multinational challenges in an effective manner. 3)nThe complete immersion experiencenof living and settling in a different and more advanced country affords the opportunity to learn as well as master the language of that country. It enhances the academic, social and the academic level of the Millenials who look forward to study abroad. Interaction with the other fellow international students along with the native population helps in gaining a greater respect for various cultures. 4)nCosmopolitan mindset helps in getting a global outlook-nWhen a student studies abroad, the high quality of lifestyle and new global culture definitely leaves the student mesmerized. As a student studying in a foreign land, the initial phase of the international experience will assure to transform the student into an independent and responsible individual. 5)nMillennials find their place in the correct institution-nThe international exposure that they gain make the MNCs eager to hire those more flexible, comfortable and multilingual Millennial who are ready to work in a multicultural organization. 6)nSecure Lifestyle and Financial securityn- Students seem to take their jobs seriously as they own the responsibility towards their income and career growth. They are applauded due to their traditional and respectable ways of working. Steady paychecks and stable job needs act as a major boost for the students to study and move abroad. Thus, a better job perspective is available worldwide for the Millennials! 7)nImproved social status-nStudents pursuing their education abroad are perceived as a premium status symbol. Any student who studies abroad is looked upon as a well groomed and highly reliable person. This becomes and added advantage, thus, contributing to immense social status. nThus, while choosing to get educated in abroadnone should analyze oneself and then grab the best options.This will certainly assist in making a wise decision!

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