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The leading superpower that the United States of America has become today is a result of years of investment laid out by the nation in its infrastructure. Be it commerce, education or entertainment, there isnrsquo;t a single facility that the country is devoid of today and it performs the responsibility of imparting the advantages of these facilities to a global audience quite efficiently. The United States houses 19% of worldrsquo;s international students ndash; almost double of the second-placed UK at 10%. While there are endless options to pursue education in the USA, medical aspirants will find in the nation an ideal environment for their development. Albeit competitive, the USA gives a medical aspirant an edge over the rest of the world. The criteria an international student needs to meet for an admission into the top US universities includes a four-year bachelor degree, a good MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) score and letters of recommendation amongst other things. The tuition fees can extend up to even $50,000 annually at certain universities. However, with names like Yale University, Harvard University or John Hopkins University on onersquo;s CV, this can easily translate into an annual salary of $150,000 to $300,000. US degrees are well received throughout the world and are seen as a mark of a talented doctor. The admission procedure to the prestigious US universities can be a troublesome task for a student occupied with meeting the eligibility criteria. Under such circumstances, online education consultancy firms like Abroad Shiksha help aspiring students find the right university for them and submit an application with the best chances of getting an admission. The firm also helps with obtaining education loan and securing hostel accommodations among other services. So propel your career as a great doctor with the best facilities and expert faculty of the United States of America only with Abroad Shiksha

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