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A major share of responsibility in realizing your dream of foreign education lies on your consultant. With plenty of nations and countless universities offering your choice of course, it is solely the expertise of the counsellor that is expected to guide you to the best among them. While a thorough internet research or a query from your friends may lead you to a consultant, it is for you to judge whether he or she is right for you or not. Here are some traits which will help you zero in on the perfect counsellor: middot;nnnnnnnAdequate knowledge: A counsellor, with all the experience and expertise, is expected to know the foreign education system inside out. Any hesitation or unsurely on his or her part on what suits your needs the best is a major let down. middot;nnnnnnnAdditional information: While information on the country, college and course is the priority, a good counsellor is often able to go a step further and provide additional useful information as well. This includes any scholarships the student might be eligible to, the job opportunities after the course etc. middot;nnnnnnnFacilities offered: A good consultant is half a part of a good consultancy firm. Facilities like accommodation arrangements, visa application, ticket booking offered by a firm help make the process smooth and efficient for the student. middot;nnnnnnnHistory: The biggest indicator of a counsellorrsquo;s efficiency is his or her track record. lsquo;How many students in how many countries?rsquo; is a question of paramount importance which every student must seek the answer to. The simplest way to ensure you end up with the best counsellor matching the above criteria is to approach Abroad Shiksha. The student-centric foreign education firm has counselled over 4000 students to various countries and built a significant reputation for itself in a short while. So rest assured of a successful future in the safe hands of Abroad Shiksha!

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