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It is hardly conceivable for any of us that one among our own may rise to the top of the pecking order one day, yet we Indians have time and again proved that we are as abundant in leadership qualities as we are in skills and talent. Shantanu Narayen (CEO, Adobe Systems), Vikram Pandit (ex-CEO, Citigroup) and Ajaypal Singh Banga (CEO, MasterCard) are all well-known and well-respected names in the elite IT circles around the world. Our capabilities are undoubtedly up to the mark then ndash; what we lack, alas, is proper infrastructure. QS World Universities Rankings 2018 lists IIT Delhi as the top Indian Institute ndash; at 172! While it may be some time before India can offer world-class education, it is no reason for the aspiring lot among us to put restrictions on our dreams. Those who value their work more than their salary and look forward to changing the world rather than their fortune can find the means even today by applying to foreign institutions. No barrier is big enough to stop you, as proven by Sundar Pichai ndash; CEO of the Worldrsquo;s second-most valuable brand in the world according to Forbes, Google. An IIT Kharagpur graduate, Pichai today is a world-renowned name, thanks to the skills and platform he got from Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania. From Chennai to the US, from living in a two-room apartment to earning over 3 crores a day, that is a dream too fantastic to believe, yet one Sundar Pichai realized with the help of foreign education. Googlersquo;s toughest competitor, Microsoft, is again headed by an Indian American, Satya Nadella. While a bachelorrsquo;s degree from Manipal Institute of Technology is respectable for sure, an M.S from University of Wisconsinndash;Milwaukee and an MBA from the University of Chicago played the key role in making him the technological world leader that he today is. And if these two men arenrsquo;t inspiring enough, one can always look to Indra Nooyi for more of it. The CEO of PepsiCo was ranked among the Worldrsquo;s 100 Most Powerful Women every year from 2008 to 2014 by Forbes. Fortune Magazine ranked her number one on the list of Most Powerful Women in business from 2006 to 2010. Madras Christian College, IIM Calcutta and Yale School of Management, all played a key role in establishing her as one of the most successful and inspiring women in the world. These stories are a proof the fruits ambition can bear, the destination dreams can lead to. And if these Indians can make it on their own, you certainly can in todayrsquo;s world ndash; when there are countless facilities at your disposal.nAbroad Shiksha<, for instance, is an online student counseling firms which work with the dream of helping along the next big Indian in the world. The firm guides the students to the best foreign institutions in the world where a student can learn, grow and inspire others for years to come. With facilities such as visa application, education loans, and accommodation also available, the firm makes the pathway to success smooth, allowing the student to stay focused on his goal. So follow your passion and live your dream, no holds barred, only with Abroad Shiksha.