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Studying abroad definitely attracts everybody, not just because you get to explore a new culture and country but also because of the learning, exposure and experience one gets while studying at a foreign University. It has been commonly observed that most of the study abroad dreams are shattered by the myth that studying abroad costs a fortune and Its not easy to afford it for everybody. Well! Gone are the days when studying abroad was a luxury which only the upper section of the society could afford. Now with the right research and knowledge, it can be made highly affordable. Though it is comparatively expensive to study in a few Universities, not all the good universities are costly. The cost of studying abroad varies a lot according to the course, college, location and the duration of the stay.nClick Here<nto compare the colleges on basis of certain criteria to help you out with the cost of studying. Many colleges maintain the cost parity because of which the cost of one semester abroad is more or less same as that of the home country. You will be surprised to know that studying in developing country can even be less expensive than the home campus. Moreover, there are many scholarships available for the students which can make the plans affordable for the students. While analyzing the cost of studying abroad, it is equally important to look at the Return On Investment. Abroad education guarantees a better and a high paying job which means that you can take a loan and pay it back later with your own salary. The high ROI in the form of more salary makes the abroad education plans less expensive. For example, if you get through the tough competition and secure the seat in an Ivy league college of India like IIM, you will pay a fee of almost around 19-20 lakhs plus after the MBA the average package for most students is somewhere between 15-25 Lakh. But spending the same amount overseas and studying in the same tier college in an abroad destination might help you get an average package of 30-50 lakh as well. Along with that you also get the global experience and exposure. So there is a huge difference in the return. n The scholarships, fellowships and grants make the education cheaper. Mostly the tuition fee is same for all. Abroad education seems to be expensive because you have to pay for all the travel, accommodation, food and living expenses which makes it seem to be costly. But these expenses can be managed well so as to meet your planned budget. There are several part-time work opportunities also available abroad which means that you can easily earn and pay for the expenses. nPart-time jobs along with giving the extra income also provide you work experience and teach you time management. According to the research done by International Institute of Education, the average cost of studying one semester abroad is about $18,000 which means on an average $36000 per year. The cost, however, varies a lot according to the Country and University you select. Therefore it is essential to research well about the cost of education of the particular country. Some countries and colleges even provide free education where the tuition fees are completely waived off and one is required to pay only the additional expenses. Countries like Europe, Germany, Turkey etc. have a comparatively very less education cost even in the topmost colleges which ensures high-quality education with research opportunities at a highly affordable price. What is required most is right assistance and expert help which can help you find the best course, country and college according to your budget. WithnAbroadshikshan<one can easily find low budget courses abroad which fall under 3 lakh per annum. The right assistance from the team of experts can help ease out the process for you and save your hard-earned money by making the study affordable. Abroadshiksha can also assist the students in applying for thenscholarships<nand with the best application and SOP, one can easily secure a scholarship which means further waiver in the fees. You just need to trust the experts and leave the cost worries on the hard working and consistent team of Abroadshiksha. So donrsquo;t let the cost factor become a barrier in your foreign education dream and trust the Abroadshiksha to make the dream a beautiful reality by giving wings to your aspirations to fly high.