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Gradually, As the higher studies are becoming commercialized, more and more universities are getting used to employing the professional ldquo;agentsrdquo; who assist them in developing as well as managing their reputation as brands. But when it comes to supporting the students to make the best decision about which university to apply in, only a handful of them have been honest enough being a part of the sales team. Yet in reality the recruiter agents are aggressively selling the educational places internationally to the suitable and qualified students. For the profit motive, most of the external agents make sales with the help of fake universities located in the international domain. Moreover, agents do not offer a complete range of exclusive services to the universities. Due to their profit motive, mostly the agents mislead the students and mismatch the student and the university. Thus, leaving a bad effect on the reputation of the university by admitting ldquo;inappropriate studentsrdquo;. Also, one of the major concerns is that sometimes the commission of the agent is paid out of the tuition fees of the student. So more or less the burden of the agentrsquo;s commission is passed on to the student. We observe, International students are turning to fraudulent agents to select the best university to pursue their higher education. But the question that arises here is that should the international students rely on the agents who promise to get them admitted in the best university? Is the process of commission-based recruitment agents inherently dangerous? Are recruitment agents really essential to conduct the recruitment of students in the international universities? Big money in recruitment Most of the universities are not in favor of investing in the recruitment solutions provided by the agents. This is because they feel it is unethical to do so. Unscrupulous behavior of the agents (as they indulge in fake documentation or do not maintain the proper records) might tarnish the brand name and image of theirnuniversity<. Due to this fear, universities prefer to rely on the international recruitment services offered by a strategic partner. Universities should join hands with the trusted organizations likenabroadshiksha.com<nso that they can stay away from the fraudulent activities done by the agents. Many international organizations likenabroadshiksha.com<nare digital and technologically advanced companies which are making use of big complex data algos in the back end to find the right- fit students for the universities instead of just finding the students. In addition to this, being completely digital in their services, there presence can be easily felt as they can be accessed from anywhere. Also,nabroadshiksha.com<nhas a very strong base in tier 2 as well as tier 3 cities. From market research, promotion of the courses offered by the university, verifying the qualifications of the students to the collection of tuition fee and the accommodation payments, everything is taken care of by a good education counselor likenabroadshiksha.com<. Agents will never take efforts to go an extra mile to offer the best services to the students. But the services of internationally renowned organizations likenabroadshiksha.comn<are remarkable. In addition to this, recruiter agents are ldquo;cutting the student qualityrdquo;. They extensively misrepresent the programs offered by the universities. International educators are also of the opinion that many universities view agents as a shortcut to increase the enrollment of international candidates, and a huge increase in the tuition revenue, without necessarily making any investments to support the international students when they actually show up on their campus. Further, there are concerns over the lack of transparency displayed by the agents. Just to increase the student enrollments, agents write essays and manipulate the results of the students. Thus, leading to fake documentation. However, a strategic partner such as abroadshiksha.com will never permit any sort of misrepresentation of the candidates to the international universities. Reputed international universities will never pay for someone who is going to steer students (who are not a good fit) to attend their institution. The branded international universities are in profession of enrolling the best of the students who will eventually succeed and graduate from their institutionhellip;they are not in the business of numbers. Sadly, the majority of agents and universities that use ldquo;fraudulent recruitment practicesrdquo; are seen as a means to just fill seats. Preventing the mis-selling- Why a strategic partner should be chosen over an agent? With all the negative aspects of choosing an agent, there is a ldquo;perfectrdquo; solution to it as well. The solution is to get the services of a strategic partner likenabroadshiksha.com<, who will offer the universities all the solutions in one holistic package. Along with all the major international recruitment program services, marketing strategies and recruiting solutions are also suggested by the strategic partners. Most of the strategic partners or ldquo;education counselorsrdquo; as we may call them, are becoming more of a brand in their own right way. In addition to this, the whole range of services offered by the strategic partners to the prospective students includes- student counselling, pre- placement services, pre departure briefings, standardized tests, Proficient English language course classes, Flights as well as accommodation bookings, career guidance, international SIM cards for mobiles and even job placement services when they return back home. In a nutshell, a strategic partner will not leave any stone unturned to provide a 360 degree admission support and solution to their students. Conclusion Without a question, global student mobility is of great importance ndash; for academic institutions, countries and, most importantly for the prospective students. Key to this enterprise is ensuring that the students are matched with the best possible international study opportunity. Professional and experienced strategic partners, who are offering an objective information about study abroad opportunities and are able to carefully assess the needs, expectations and aspirations of the potential candidates to match them to the most suitable academic programs without the pressure of hard core commission, should be adequately distinguished from agents.