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Canada is the worldrsquo;s second-largest country with the sparse population which is full of heart-melting scenic beauty and spectacular ski slopes, massive vegetation, landscapes and mountains along with friendly, tolerant and multicultural people. It has always been a quite preferred educational destination because of its advanced educational system at affordable prices. Canada has a lot to offer to international students and that is why it is a host of almost 250,000 international students and the number is fast increasing. Living in Canada is very exciting because you get to explore a lot of exceptionally beautiful places and you feel at home over here because of the friendly people. Some of the reasons which drive the students to apply to Universities in Canada are: quality education canada Advanced Quality educationn The education quality is highest in Canada with strict quality controls and high academic standard so as to ensure the highest quality for a better future over the long term. Ample of research opportunities are also provided as part of the education to expand the scope and applicability of knowledge. Utmost care is given that students are not just imparted theoretical knowledge but the practical aspects as well. Application-based learning is stressed in Canadian Universities<. affordable education Affordable education The tuition fees and accommodation charges are lower in Canada than other countries like UK and USA which makes it affordable to study and learn in Canada. Moreover, scholarships are easily provided to the students to cover the expenditure making it all the more economical. Thus, one may be sure of getting the good quality education in a budget-friendly manner. UnderGraduate amp; Postgraduate courses Internationally Recognized The degree received from Canada is recognized worldwide which means that you can find a job easily anywhere around the world with the acquired knowledge and skills.n Career in Canada Long-Term advantage Advanced quality education provided at affordable prices with universally recognized degree ensures long-term advantage for your career. It opens up the path for your career to secure the best jobs. Study Abroad Multicultural society Canada has a variety of cultures and people from all over the world live here. The people in Canada are very friendly and welcoming. Varied ethnic groups and their food and recreational activities can also be seen in Canada. Brampton, a town in Canada is known as the mini Punjab of Canada with loads of Indian Punjabis living over there. Higher Education Canada Land of inventions Much stress is given by the Canadian government on education and research which leads to great inventions and discoveries in fields like communication, medicine, agriculture etc. Canada Educationn Languagen Canada is a bilingual country and French and English are given equal importance over here. The education is imparted in English and it is spoken and understood by most people which ensure easy communication. Study in Canada The best place to live Canada has been ranked by the UN as the worldrsquo;s best place to live because of the friendly people, diversity and freedom granted over here to the citizens. It is a stable, safe and peaceful country with the very low crime rate. Studying in Canada< can be the best decision because education sector over here is given high priority by the government and you can easily adjust over here. The friendly people, rich diversity, bilingualism and beautiful landscapes ensure the best stay over here. Plus getting immigration and permanent visa to stay over here after completing the education is not very difficult. We at Abroad Shiksha streamline the process and providenpersonalizedncounselling session< for students to study in Canada. The exceptional guidance and customized attention provided by the expert team ensures that the application and scholarship procedure is easy for you. So, kick start your education in Canada with the valuable information and active support provided by AbroadShiksha to make this transition easier one for you. Visit< and browse through the packages made according to the universities and avail the services of the experts for application, scholarships, visa, tickets, accommodation, insurance plans and all remaining formalities and enjoy a safe, knowledgeable and fun-filled stay in Canada.n