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When planning to study abroad one obvious question that strikes the mind is - whether to apply yourself, through an agent or go to some counsellor. Well, all the three options have their pros and cons and only after weighing all of them and doing a comparative analysis you can jump to the right conclusion. Heres more to understand and differentiate between an Agent and a Counsellor<. Applying yourself seems to be attractive to a few people because it is free and you get to learn a lot from firsthand experience which helps you grow and advance in life. With the extensive support available from the Universities and increasing web coverage, applying by yourself has become much easier. But then it is full of hassles and one mistake might just prove to be disastrous. Lack of firsthand knowledge and growing unauthentic web sources make self-application difficult. Agents are useful because they have the experience and can do all your work without any problems. Application and visa process becomes easier with them. They provide face to face approach and solve all the problems and doubts; however, they work on a commission basis, and at times end up giving a biased opinion based on their self-interest. Simultaneously, if we throw a look on counsellors, they turn out to be the best option as they provide end to end support and unbiased suggestions based on your potential and interests. They make the whole process of transition easy with their expertise and experience and can let you build a strong foundation for your career. There is a famous saying: ldquo;You canrsquo;t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you are going to have a strong superstructure.rdquo; Going by the above saying, when planning a career abroad, it is essential to have a strong solid support which surely a counsellor can provide. No doubt, with tons of information available online it has become easier for the students to apply to the universities themselves but are the online sources trustworthy? Can a student rely on them completely for choosing the career pathway and moving forward in the most appropriate direction? That is a big question mark and it is exactly where the right counsellor can help you build a solid foundation for your career by answering all your queries and doubts and leading you in the right direction. n AbroadShiksha< is one of the leading counsellors who has been in the abroad education industry for quite some time because of their dedication and efforts to build up the studentrsquo;s career. Their priority is to find the best-fit college for the students and they are better than any agent or self-application because of the extensive support and services extended by the talented team. Some of the reasons why students should opt for AbroadShiksha< are: 1. Best Fit Option: After analyzing your skills, abilities and interests, the expert counsellors help you sort out the colleges which best fit your abilities. Out of the pool of Universities around the world, selecting the right ones is the foremost step as then only you can proceed with the applications. Any mistake with the first step can prove to be detrimental to your career. 2. Expert Knowledge: With experience comes great knowledge. Abroadshiksha has got all the knowledge about the procedure involved in studying abroad. The in-depth knowledge about the application process, SOP writing, scholarships, visa process, accommodation, travel, insurance, loans etc. enables the student to make this transition to the foreign country easy. Students need not worry about the minute details regarding the application and settling down because all the work is taken up by the expert team who are very supportive and informative. 3. Unbiased Approach: The best part about applying with Abroadshiksha is that unlike other agents, they donrsquo;t operate on the commission basis which means they are not at all biased towards any particular college or University. The team only after proper analysis of the abilities and interests provide unbiased suggestions regarding the universities. This unbiased approach helps the students succeed well in their career. 4. Correct Guidance: Good consultants are like priceless assets for the students because they help them clear all the doubts, confusions and apprehensions. This whole process of studying abroad is stressful for the students as well as their family because of lack of knowledge about the foreign Universities and it is not practically possible to visit them and get the knowledge.n The undivided attention and personalized counselling< sessions can make this entire process tireless and stress-free. 5. A wide variety of countries and courses: Most of the time the agents and counsellors provide admission opportunities only to a few countries and courses because of lack of links with others. But Abroadshiksha provides the students with options to study more than 3400 courses across 48 countries in more than 1500 best Universities. It has helped thousands of students over the years in fulfilling their dream of studying abroad. Studying abroad involves a lot of confusion and doubts because of lack of knowledge and the inability to get first-hand information from the college. Therefore, the right counsellor can prove to be very useful. When it comes to deciding which counsellor to choose, you should definitely do your research and ask questions from them to help you decide however linking with Abroadshiksha can prove to be the best decision because of their exclusive services and personalized counselling sessions which are designed keeping in mind the needs and interests of the student. So, choose the best for your career! Always remember no other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. And the foundation for the best education can be laid perfectly with Abroadshiksha. So, give a call today at 8802888894 and get in touch with the Expert Counsellors. n