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Turkey is without a doubt the best and one of the most preferred educational destinations for a variety of reasons. The number of students that have been applying to Turkey Universities has been constantly increasing for all the right reasons. Turkey has got a very rich cultural history and is an amazing place with very friendly and welcoming people. The Turkish education system is excellent and has got worldwide acceptability. It has a fast-growing economy and the most common foreign language over here is English which makes it easier for international students. Above all Turkey is also one of the most favourite tourist destinations which provide all the more reasons to come and stay in Turkey. Some of the reasons which might motivate you to come and study in Turkey are: 1. Economy Turkey is the second fastest growing economy in the world after China which provides ample of opportunities for the career and the growing economy attracts a lot of industries because of which even the students come in pursuit of a globally advanced career. 2. Member of G-20 n It has been ranked amongst the G-20 countries as a surging country in the world politics which ensures a safe and peaceful environment in the country. 3. New emerging market The markets and industries are emerging in Turkey which provides loads of employment opportunities. 4. The well developed the tourism industry Turkey is a preferred location for tourism because of its great open-air museums, ancient sites, Statue of the Greek and Persian God which is the 8th wonder of the world, mountains, beaches and wildlife which donrsquo;t fail to attract the tourist and therefore the country provides a lot of options to explore while studying here. Turkey is without a doubt a very beautiful and historical place. 5. English most common foreign language English is one of the most common foreign languages over here in Turkey. There are many courses in English language plus most people know how to speak in English which makes communication easy. 6. Multicultural: Turkey has the combination of European and Asian culture and people from all over the globe come over here which gives a home like feeling at this place. It has got a rich diversity which is a mixture of east and west. 7. Friendly people: People of Turkey are very friendly, welcoming and hospitable. They like talking to new people and are very helpful which makes the stay between local people easy. 8. High-quality education: The Turkish education system is very competent. It provides high-quality education and training which are required to polish the skills for competing at the global level. The Universities are very well equipped with excellent libraries and advanced laboratories where you can acquire knowledge. Being a student in Turkey is great fun with ample of cultural activities, sports and modern campuses. 9. Affordable prices: The best part about studying in Turkey is that the tuition fees and cost of living are much lower than other European countries which make the high-quality education quite affordable. Along with that scholarship opportunities are also available which cover the accommodation, insurance and travel costs as well apart from the tuition fees. 10. Cuisine Food is not at all a problem while living in Turkey. Turkish cuisine is mouthwatering and along with the traditional dishes, other fruits, vegetables, fast food and vegetarian dishes are easily available around the city at affordable prices. All these reasons are enough to choose Turkey as your study destination as you can get the best of everything over here. World class education along with a comfortable stay can make living very easy and prepare you for a bright future anywhere in the world. Come and experience the perfect blend of modernity and tradition in Turkey. Abroadshiksha provides specialized counselling sessions whereby students are given assistance regarding selecting the university and accommodation. Along with that, the team helps you draft the application form in the best possible way so as to secure admission. Securing a scholarship also becomes easy with the right guidance from the experienced team. All the formalities starting from applying for the visa, booking the tickets, taking the insurance plans etc. can be done easily with the help of Abroadshiksharsquo;s specialized services. So come and study in Turkey with Abroadshiksha!

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