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Computers are becoming a part and parcel of our life and a degree in IT or Information Technology is all about computers and latest technology along with business and communication application of computing. IT is fast growing as a subject of study because the IT department is the backbone of all major companies of the world. All the systems and the working of the companies rely completely in computers and networks and IT graduates are experts in developing and taking care of that network. Therefore the demand is continuously increasing. If you are wondering why to study abroad then the simple answer is the amount of exposure, creativity, problem solving ability and the confidence you get to face the world is definitely unbeatable over there. Herersquo;s more to the Benefits of Studying Abroad<. Studying abroad teaches you how to adapt yourself in a foreign environment with new people and face all the difficulties yourself. Along with that you get hands on experience on the best technology and some worldwide internships and job opportunities. IT is applicable in all sectors be it banking, business, agriculture, health, medicine, forensic, railways or airways, education sector and many more. There are plenty of Universities all over the world offering best IT education, check out the Best Universities< offering courses for your further education.n Abroad education will expose you to plenty of opportunities and technological developments. United States, England, France, Switzerland, Poland, London and Singapore offers great opportunities for IT students to develop their skills in the best possible way. They provide unique study experience full of learning and adventure for overall development. Few of the most popular specializations for IT study are: Artificial Intelligence: It is a computer-based system that has been designed to perform human like tasks including speech recognition, visual perception, decision making, identifying language etc. For example, SIRI the iPhone app is an example of artificial intelligence. Because of the increasing need of artificial intelligence on phones and internet, this is the best time to study and make a career in artificial intelligence<. UK, Australia, Malaysia, USA and Europe are the best options to make a successful career in AI. Cyber security: With the increasing dependency on the online platform, crimes like phishing, hacking, fraud, cyber bullying, stalking etc. are also increasing leading to a greater demand for IT experts who can protect the network and the users from such threats. USA, UK. New Zealand and Europe provide ample of knowledge and understanding of this subject. Nanotechnology: This is considered to be a mix of engineering, technology and pure science and involves the manipulation of matter at the smallest scale so as to produce enhanced products for better use. UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Australia and USA are the best options to pursue a career in this field because of high quality research labs present over here. Cloud-Computing: Cloud computing is a wonderful technology on the internet wherein the businesses and individuals can simultaneously save and manipulate the data without involving the use of servers and hard drives. It has many advantages for the businesses as it provides the ease of data sharing and it saves time and unnecessary space wastage. It is fast gaining more importance worldwide therefore a career in this field is a good decision. Along with that cloud computing will never go out of date and will always occupy an important place in the professional and corporate world. USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Finland and Canada offer excellent courses in cloud computing. Graphics Designing: Graphic designing involves using the computer software for artistic compositions like logos, graphics etc. A foreign degree in this field helps you to gain experience and creativity to produce attractive designs along with best colour placements so as to make the things look more attractive. It requires proficiency in arts and designs which is put to use with some technology. Italy, Ireland, UK and Europe have ample of opportunities for studying graphics design. n There are numerous fields in IT and all can offer you a great career. What you need most is to be clear about your career goals and put in your best foot forward in the selected course. The choice of a good country and University matters a lot because the education system and the technological knowledge provided by each institution differ a lot. One course line may be best in one country but another one might not offer that many opportunities over there. And this is where expert help from Abroadshiksha can help you a lot. Through the personalized counseling sessions<, best assistance is provided for selecting the most appropriate country and university according to the interests and capability and then maximum efforts are being put to get admission over there. Come and explore all the career options with Abroadshiksha today! n