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The number of Indian students who wish to enrol in the foreign universities has observed a constant rise. The students are so keen to get an international degree. More and more students are enrolling in the country away from their home country. The major reason behind this choice is that the job market in their home country appreciates the degree from a Top International University< as compared to the Bachelorrsquo;s or Masterrsquo;s degree in the home country. Countries like the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, Turkey and so on have become very popular among the Indian students. Also, the foreign universities are indulging in various lucrative programmes for the international students. Today, considering to study abroad is no longer a cumbersome procedure. Most of the countries have eased out their policies and procedures for the international students. The international universities take every possible step to make the admission process all the more smooth and convenient both for the international students as well as their parents. The current visa procedures have also been made easy for the students to travel overseas with ease. Although, studying abroad might seem very intimidating and fascinating to the Indian students, but without adequate knowledge and research, you might end up yourself in a quicksand. So, if you are looking forward to studying abroad, you are in the right place. Now let us throw some light over the Top Countries< which are the first choice of any student to study abroad:

1. Bachelor/Master degrees in Canada

ldquo;Approximately 18% of all the international students who are studying in Canadian universities< are Indian students,rdquo; according to the statistics. Not only this, the Canadian government has become more liberal by offering numerous benefits to the Indian students. For instance, the government is offering permanent residency to the highly skilled students who are studying and graduating from a top Canadian university. Also, Canada has ample opportunities for the international students to work after completing their studies. With its internationally recognized universities and flexible relationship with India in terms of providing education services, Canada becomes the first choice among the Indian students to study abroad. The huge number of students is moving to Canada due to its safe multicultural environment, hassle-free visa procedures, reasonable study cost and high employment/work opportunities. From medical, biotechnology, engineering to law, more and more Indian students are choosing courses in Canadian universities due to its warm and friendly environment. Canada is offering unlimited part-time work opportunities to the students, so they can very easily manage both their studies as well as work on time. Below are mentioned some of the advantages to an Indian student who dreams to Study in a Canadian University<: Canada is an English speaking county Although, Canada is officially having two languages, French and English, but most of the Canadian regions speak fluent English. This helps the foreign students in overcoming the language barrier that they might otherwise face in general and they are able to communicate with all the people residing in Canada very easily. Superior quality of life and Cosmopolitan environment Undoubtedly, Canada is termed to be one of the safest countries in the world and also has an extremely high quality of life. In addition to this, Global News has ranked Canada as the second most country in terms of economic and social progress and development. Due to its multicultural environment, the students who enrol in a Canadian university will observe that the students are coming from various backgrounds, regions and places. So, if you plan to take admission in a Canadian university, your peers will be Greek, Spanish, Polish, Americans and you name it. Such a diverse population can help you in making friends very easily. The most popular courses in Canada are:
    Business masterrsquo;s degree- with internship opportunities; Environmental science masterrsquo;s degree combined academics along with research Masterrsquo;s degree in Social sciences to gain versatile skills.
Examples of some of the
top-ranking Canadian universities<:
    University of Winnipeg York University University of Regina University of Toronto Wilfrid Laurier University Brock University n

Bachelor/Master degree in Germany

Germany is famous as the ldquo;land of ideasrdquo;. It is continuously becoming popular among the international students to pursue their higher education. It is not very hard to discover why- as it offers superior quality of life, relatively
low education cost< at some of the most reputable universities. All the German public universities do not charge any tuition fees for undergraduate and PhD levels. In addition to this, depending on your spending habits, location and lifestyle, you will need a very nominal amount to survive and study in a German university. Also, Germany is not far behind from offering innumerable English courses taught to the international students. So, language is not a barrier for the international candidates while studying in Germany. The major advantages for Indian students looking forward to Study in Germany< are: Free education in most of the public universities Generally, for a Masterrsquo;s degree, international students are offered ldquo;free tuitionrdquo; in public universities of Germany for various English degrees. Considering a nominal semester fee as the only cost to the international students, it is very easy and convenient for the Indian students to choose Germany as their study destination. Many high-end scholarships for the international students Numerous scholarship providers offer financial support to the talented foreign students, butnDAAD<nin specific has designed special programs dedicated towards the Indian students. Extensive focus on research in German universities Electrical engineering, computer science technology or international business are some of the popular options to study in Germany. The German universities partner with the research institutes and provide some of the most modern research laboratories and facilities.

Bachelor/Master degree in Australia

Globally, Australian education has earned a great reputation and it is the
most preferred destination< after the US. Most of the Australian universities have been constantly ranked in the top 100 rankings. From offering extensive regular as well as vocational courses to the students to focusing on the sports and extracurricular activities, Australian universities have earned a great reputation among the students over the years. Students who have completed their degrees in Australia are well settled with good jobs and have accumulated great wealth. The growth opportunities for international Indian students are great in Australia. One of the major reasons that students prefer to study in Australia is due to its easy visa application process which has become a bit more relaxed for the Asian students. Australia is a safe multicultural country with a large number of the Indian population. A safe country with a friendly and multicultural environment: Irrespective of a diverse population, Australians are famous for being extremely outgoing and friendly people. So as a foreign student studying here, feeling welcomed and warm is just one of the perks of studying abroad in Australia. Immense opportunities to work during studies as well as after graduation All the international students in Australia are permitted to work up to twenty hours a week. Also, they can benefit from a post-study work visa after graduation. Additionally, the government of Australia has initiated a ldquo;Professional Year Programrdquo; dedicated to all the graduates of engineering, information technology and accounting backgrounds, permitting these professionals to work in a local Australian company.

Bachelor/Master degree in the United States

Top advantages for Indian students who dream to study abroad in the USA are: American universities offer world-class education Undoubtedly, the U.S. universities are considered to offer a perfect blend of academics and research and extra-curricular activities to the foreign students. Although US universities experience an astounding number of international students taking admission every semester, universities never fail to provide high student satisfaction rate. Anywhere you tell that you possess a US degree and you will surely get the placement. The kind of world-class exposure that you get while studying at a US university is remarkable. The education is so researched intensively that most of the universities all over the world fail to replicate the US study patterns and models. The quality of education here is too high and unmatchable. High tuition fee accompanied with an attraction to various
scholarship programmes< Although, most of the US universities have extremely high tuition fee Indian students who plan to pursue their study in the U.S. can very easily apply to several need-based and merit-based scholarships. For merit-based scholarships, they will have to prove either academic or non-academic excellence. On the other hand, need-based scholarships are solely offered to the students who are not able to afford their study costs. A few of the US universities offering attractive scholarships to the foreign students are the Northeastern University, Washington state university, Michigan state university, University of Colorado Denver, Texas University and Georgia Institute of technology. Worldwide acknowledgement of your international qualification If you complete your degree or even a part of it in the US, it is enough to impress anyone, particularly beneficial for the jobs. Pursuing higher education in the US is known to prepare talented and skilled professionals. Companies see such persons with an international go-getter mindset and as problem solvers.