Education system in Scandinavian countries- Part 1

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The Scandinavian countries- nnNorway, Sweden and Finland, offer world-class education system along with a great lifestyle and splendid landscapes which guarantees a unique educational experience. Long ago when most countries were only trying to incorporate schooling in their countries, the Scandinavian countries< worked to enrich their curriculum with a lot more creativity, communication and collaboration. Inclusiveness, moral values, cooperation and common good have always been the main features of education. These countries have been early adopters of technology and gadgets to provide a world-class learning and experience to the students. Some of the features inherent in the education system of Scandinavian countries which makes it the best one are: 1. nFocus on Innovation Innovation is the founding stone of the Scandinavian education system and every institution tries their best to incorporate a lot more independence, thinking skills, creativity and innovation in the minds of the students. The teaching and learning process is done in such a way that the students get firsthand experience on learning innovatively in the dynamic world environment. Innovation is one world which describes these countries and in the Global Innovation Index 2017, Sweden has been ranked second, Finland eighth and Norway has been placed on the nineteenth position. Compare the worlds top University with the latest edition of the Abroad Shiksha University Rankings< and explore leading institutions by region and subject. 2. nResearch- An important part of the Education Research is an important part of the education system. The government funds the research projects abundantly to give way to new discoveries and a lot of innovation. A lot of importance is given to the education sector most of which is publicly funded. Universities have an open climate and the teachers are trained innovatively to provide ample space and support for research and development. Research and Innovation are the main strengths of the Scandinavian countriesrsquo; education system. 3. nGood Quality of life The Scandinavian countries follow a good lifestyle and the standard of living is quite high in these countries with a very low crime rate. They have a low population and a good employment market. The countries are very clean and beautiful. They offer a spectacular natural beauty and loads of extra activities and adventure sports. Nobody can ever get bored in Scandinavian countries. The rich culture and history which can broaden your perspective and teach you how to adjust to diverse people. 4. nLow Cost of Education The tuition fees are relatively low and there are loads of scholarships for the students to help them get a degree without spending a fortune for the same. All the universities are funded by the government and students can get good accommodation at affordable prices. Break the myth of studying abroad being expensive <and get in touch with the experts of Abroad Shiksha offering over 5000-degree courses abroad under 3 lakhs per annum 5. nEquality The Scandinavian Universities rely on equality for all and therefore there is no discrimination done between the students which make it easy for international students to adjust in these countries. This also ensures that every student gets ample opportunities for a global career. 6. nLanguage High-level English is commonly spoken in Scandinavian countries as a result of which students donrsquo;t face the language problem in these countries. The medium of teaching in Universities is mostly English only to facilitate easy understanding by the international students. All these features make the Scandinavian countries a desirable option. Talking about the specific Scandinavian countries< the main features of the education system of Norway, Sweden and Finland are....nread part 2 n