Education system in Scandinavian countries- Part 2

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An education system in Finland Finland has the finest education system in the world<. It offers free and equal opportunities to all irrespective of the differences. The basic education mechanism comprises of early education followed by 1-year compulsory pre-primary education and 9 years of basic compulsory education. After that, it has loads of opportunities for upper secondary and higher education. Being a bilingual country, Finnish or Swedish is commonly used as a language of instructions but English is widely used in higher education institutions which make it open to the students from all around the world. Finland is becoming an ultimate destination for foreign students because: 1. nThey value cooperation more than a competition. There are no private schools in Finland and every single academic institution is publically funded which leaves no or less provision for competition. Teachers are trained to impart values and manners. For them, the behaviour matters more than the grades. 2. nFinland is a great place to live and offers a very high quality of life. Students can enjoy living in this place and make the most of their life while studying. 3. nIt follows very high quality of the higher education system which is equipped with innovative teaching methods and the latest technology. 4. nA lot of stress is given on research and development. This promotes the practical application of the learned theories. Government is always willing to invest in the research and development if they see some value in the data which promotes the students to do something constructive. 5. nThe teachers in Finland are highly trained and valued. 6. nThe Universities in Finland are divided into Universities and Universities of applied sciences. The first one focuses on academic and scientific research and education whereas the second one concentrates on working life and Its standards. 7. nThe main focus of the education system over here in Finland is to prepare the students for the future. Along with that the vibrant environment, rich culture and connectivity to other fascinating countries make it the best option to earn a degree from. The higher education system over here is constantly improving to provide students with the best. An education system in Sweden The world comes to lsquo;Swedenrsquo; for completing their higher education goals. While choosing Sweden, you are not just choosing a country but a successful career. It is the home to some of the most prestigious Universities and offers world-class education along with a great geographical location and heart taking beaches and sites. Some of the reasons why you must consider Sweden as your ultimate destination< to study are: 1. nThey give an entirely new perspective to think and act. Creativity, independence and critical thinking are the main pillars of education in Sweden and focus is given on new and innovative ideas and opinions. Sweden is ranked amongst the worldrsquo;s most innovative nations which mean it has a lot to offer you. 2. nIt invests considerably in research and development which means students get loads of opportunity to conduct research. Sweden is the home to innovators and trendsetters. 3. nSweden has the best education system in the world and their coursework is challenging which promotes better learning. Rationality and reasoning are stressed upon over here and rote learning is highly discouraged. The students are not just required to take the information provided rather they are encouraged to contribute and speak their mind. 4. nEnglish is widely accepted and spoken over here. It is ranked amongst the top three nations for English proficiency which makes it a perfect destination for the international students. 5. nSweden is the most sustainable country in the world and they work to preserve the environment. 6. nInclusive education and equality are the two main pillars of Swedish education and it is one of the most progressive nations of the world. It teaches international students how to value different cultures and learn teamwork. 7. nIt focuses on imparting practical knowledge and real-world experience for which internships are also incorporated in the coursework. Many companies like Ericsson, Volvo, Hamp;M and others were born in Sweden. 8. nThe life in Sweden is an international student friendly with a great network of public transport for easy commutation, easy work permits, ease of language and beautiful land clean infrastructures with good quality of life. 9. nSweden offers a lot of scholarships to deserving students. All these factors make Sweden the best choice for studying abroad. n