Education system in Scandinavian countries- Part 3

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Education in Norway

Best known for the northern lights, Norway is the place where culture, environment and quality education combine in the best possible way to offer a comfortable yet exciting stay along with world-class education and career opportunities. Norway is one of the top study destinations< because: 1. nIt offers very high quality education which can be beneficial for a great career. The study environment is quite informal which facilitates better learning. Teachers are easily accessible and aim to develop critical thinking skills in students. 2. English is widely spoken and taught in Norway which makes it easy for students to communicate and learn. 3. Norway is the best place for nature lovers. You can enjoy the aurora or the northern lights from here along with the midnight sun, the fjords and a lot more. 4. A lot of emphases is given by the government for the development of education and it is the priority sector. 5. It is a technologically advanced country which is equipped with all the modern facilities and innovative teaching methods. 6. In Norway, the Bologna Process is followed which aims to focus not only on the academic grades but also to enhance each and every student to prepare them to face future challenges. 7. Even though Norway is a small country, the productivity per worker is the highest over here. It has almost 50% more GDP per hour than the UK. nBy studying here you will actually come to know how do people work and learn their leadership mechanism which promotes equality and a flat hierarchy for an effective work environment. 8. Norway is very safe with low crime rate which ensures an excellent quality of life. The job market over here is really attractive with huge opportunities for everyone. The best part is that the unemployment rate over here is just 4.6%. 9. Norway has an edge in a lot of industries like oil and gas, telecommunication, Technology products, renewable energy sources, fishing and shipping. For students planning a career in the following fields, Norway can provide tons of opportunities and firsthand experience for a global career. 10. Another good thing about Norway is that the student housing over here is subsidized and the student pubs are also quite reasonable. Why Build a career in Scandinavian countries There are numerous benefits of studying in Finland, Norway and Sweden and building a career in these countries could be the best decision because of the following reasons: The quality of life in the Scandinavian countries is excellent which means you can easily balance work and leisure over here and enjoy a safe, crime-free and comfortable stay. These countries have a large network of industries and MNCs which means you can easily get a job after getting a degree and stay over here. These are technologically advanced nations which offer better career opportunities. The excellent quality of education provided over here guarantees that you can easily get a job anywhere in the world and build a global career after completing your degree from here. A lot of stress is given on research and innovation which means your skill set, knowledge set and overall personality improves. These countries have a small population and very low unemployment. The government policies are very good and equality is there. So one should definitely go and study in the Scandinavian countries. If you want to build a career over here then you should get in touch with Abroadshiksha which can help you find the perfect course and University over here. Abroadshiksha provides premium services< to help you decide the best course and college according to your requirements and calibre so that you can build a global career. All the services including counselling, application form filling, scholarship assistance, Visa application, travel, insurance, accommodation etc. are provided by the expert team of Abroadshiksha to ease out your transition. So give wings to your career in the Scandinavian countries with the experts of Abroadshiksha.