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Creative writing n Creative writing is an inspiring career choice and depends a lot on the individualrsquo;s determination, skills, perseverance, creativity and motivation. A degree in creative writing can help you gain exclusive skills to expand your chances of growth in this field and become the best writer who can inspire the masses through their writing. The students who have an exclusive knack for the language, passion and eye for literary works, flare for writing and undying passion for reading should go for a degree course in creative writing. It will help you to create a dedicated vision and develop your writing abilities to develop your confidence and maturity. n But why take the creative writing course abroad? Well majorly because of the extensive access to the literature and competitive courses they offer. Along with that travel is highly inspiring and the new experiences enable you to put your thoughts, imaginations and experiences into words. By travelling abroad you get to experience another culture and art forms and get to meet new people which can further motivate you to write. Studying abroad makes you independent and throws new challenges which enables free flow of creativity. n If you undertake the course for creative writing then you get to experience exclusive writing workshops along with literature seminars to enhance your literary base, vocabulary and writing skills. You can also gain knowledge and expertise about writing thesis and literature projects to become a successful writer. Creative writing provides an opportunity to explore various niches nlike fiction, poetry, non-fiction, writing for children etc. One may go for a career in writing books, novels, blogging, news articles or content writing. The prospects for this field are extensively increasing which ensures a great career ahead for all the students opting for this course. n If you are determined to shine in your career as a creative writer then choosing a University in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Europe is the best option. With this course you can definitely learn some interesting writing techniques and enhance your creativity to begin your journey as a writer. A foreign country in addition will provide you a chance to meet like minded people, interact, develop your ideology and outshine in your career. n Are you still confused about this course? Well you can get in touch with a study abroad expert at AbroadShiksha and get all your queries resolved. Abroadshiksha is a study abroad consultancy which provides all the services to make your study abroad journey meaningful and seamless. Make a successful career in creative writing with Abroadshiksha! n n

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