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Photography is the art of observation. Its like observing something and capturing it at the right
moment to store it for an entire life. If you have a keen interest in capturing the photographs
and put life into a still moment, then you can develop your technical skills and creative
understanding by taking up a professional photography course abroad.
The Bachelor of arts in Photography is a highly sought after course and gives you a major
understanding about the different aspects of photography including the light, composition,
space, color, technique and the context of taking the perfect picture. The course involves the
fundamental knowledge about the different technological aspects of photography, graphic
designing, studio lighting, photo editing etc. It also aims to provide you enough practical
experience by enabling you to take up independent projects and explore your area of interest.
A degree course enables you to explore your own style of photography and develop a portfolio
to find the perfect job in the future. A course in photography is a perfect mix of lectures,
practical training, group projects, individual assignments, field trips and studio classes. The aim
is to help you teach how to capture a perfect picture from the right angle with correct lighting
to showcase the audience what you want to highlight in that picture. Various specializations
that are available in the photography course include:
1. Commercial photography
2. Cinematography
3. Photojournalism
4. Nature photography
5. Portrait Photography
6. Travel Photography
There are several further specializations also available in these major areas. With this degree
course you can turn your passion of clicking good pictures into a professional job that can help
you earn a living while following your passion. UK, USA, Italy, Finland, Australia, Hong Kong and
Europe are the home to some of the top Universities offering the best photography courses.
It is considered better to pursue it from an abroad destination than your home institution
because of the technical exposure and independence you get in another country. It offers a
wide range of opportunities in the form of internships and career prospects to enable you to
have a bright career ahead. The field of photography has endless opportunities and with the
right diploma, undergraduate or post graduate course in photography, you can explore your
hidden talent and develop your current skills to become a professional photographer who can
depict the perfect story through the photographs.

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