Performing Arts

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nnIf the world of acting, dance, drama, music and theatre attracts you and you want to showcase your creative side to the entire world, then performing arts is the course specially made for you. Studying this course is the perfect way to develop your skills and make you confident to perform on the stage. The degree is a mix of theory and practical so as to strengthen both the technical aspects as well as the creative skills and develop the confidence to present you in front of the audience to grab their attention. nnThere are three major branches in the degree ndash; dance, music and drama and further there are specializations in these three aspects like technology, script writing, directing etc. Some Universities offer an initial combined course with common topics and then provide an option to choose a specialization whereas others have dedicated degrees towards the three major branches. Another option which allows you to open up more career options for you is to study performing arts as a part of a joint degree course with any other subject preferably with some humanities subject like English Literature or any other creative topic. At the undergraduate level, a degree in performing arts is usually for 3 to 4 years and there are several diplomas and short term courses also available for skill enhancement. nnAfter the finishing the degree and doing considerable field work to gain hands on experience, you can go and give various auditions and become a screen or live performer as an actor, dancer or musician. If not these you can also opt for community arts worker, dance-music or drama therapist, Movie director, broadcast presenter, stage manager, theatre director, scriptwriter, lecturer etc. Studying performing arts from abroad expands your skills, thinking and opportunities. It is influenced culturally and you can develop your talent in a better way when in a new country between new people and altogether different social surroundings. You can also get extensive experience about the technical aspect of this course along with more practical opportunities to polish your career if you decide to pursue it abroad than in your home country. Alongside you also get to make extensive contacts abroad which can help you in future to grab an exciting career opportunity. nnPerforming arts is available in mostly all countries however the course contents and specializations vary widely. So it is best to choose the country according to your own requirements. USA, UK, Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Europe and Singapore have some of the best Universities which offer performing arts degree to develop your skills and bring out the best of your creative side.

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