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Studying in a foreign country is a dream for many students. It grooms your personality and provides you excellent knowledge while making you more confident and independent. The new country, culture, places, food and people attract everybody and it is exciting to experience all this. Studying abroad is an amazing experience and everyone should definitely go for it once in their lifetime. People believe that getting scholarships is difficult and even though you get it, still financing the living and education seems to be difficult. We are here to break your myth today. There are several countries and Universities that offer study abroad for free or at very nominal amount. Some of the countries offering free education to the students are: 1. Germany Germany occupies the top most position when it comes to providing free education. There are numerous public Universities which do not charge the tuition fee. Only nominal administration expenses are to be paid. There are a variety of programs available in Germany in English language which makes it easy to pursue education without spending a fortune. 2. Nordic Countries Nordic countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden offer exceptional opportunities to the student to study abroad for free. Denmark, Sweden and Finland offer the perks of free education to countries which are members of EU/EEA and Switzerland. The nordic countries are known for their excellent quality of life and stunning natural beauty. 3. Austria This is another European country which does not charge tuition fees from EU/EEA members but they charge a nominal fee from a non-member which is just around euro; 730 for one semester. University of Innsbruk and University of Vienna are some of the popular Universities over here. 4. Czech Republic This country is a perfect blend of heritage and modernization and offers some of the best courses in Medicine, engineering and sciences. Higher education over here is free in the regional language and the tuition fee for English courses is very nominal. 5. France France is a beautiful country with rich cultural heritage. It is the home to almost 40 educational institutions and offers advanced courses. The best part is that education is almost free over here. 6. Greece The living cost is highly affordable in Greece and the students who are from EU/EEA countries can enjoy free education over here. Other international students are required to pay a small tuition fee which wonrsquo;t pinch your pocket at all. 7. Belgium Belgium has a rich cultural history and offers education at very nominal charges to all the international students. It offers advanced education and has world class infrastructure. nnThese are just a few countries. There are several other countries as well which offers free or low cost education to the international students. With the right knowledge and information you can easily finance your abroad education without pinching a hole in your pocket. If you want to know about more Universities offering free education to students then consult a student relationship officer at who will assist you in planning your education abroad without any hassles.

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