AR/VR Technology

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AR stands for Augmented Reality and VR stands for Virtual Reality. Both of these are emerging technologies and the markets are expected to rise multifold in the coming years. These two are inter related terms however there is a difference between the two technologies. In the VR technology, the user is cut off from the real world and the person is completely immersed in an entirely digital world which has been made using the artificial sounds and sights. The person wears the visors or goggles and is taken to an altogether different world far away from the reality. In the AR technology, the real world is augmented in the digital one. The person can experience a visual world while experiencing the real surroundings. There is no cut off from the real world. Pokemon Go is an example of the AR/VR technology. While you need goggles to experience the VR world, the AR world can be experienced on any smart phone or tablet. The entertainment world is fast developing and with the extensive research and development in this field, AR/VR is expected to rise further. Taking up a career in the AR/VR technology is a smart choice right now because the field is developing and there is a huge scope in this career line. Apart from the entertainment industry, other major industries are also looking for the scope of AR/VR application to enhance their industry and the demand for specialized developers is definitely going to rise. Engineers, artists and developers are fast taking up this field and it includes a lot of aspects like developing the sound, story line, characters and the visuals. This field is not just about technology but also creativity to come out as the best. A course in AR/VR technology will equip you with an extensive skill set to develop a new digital experience. This is a highly practical field and you will be required to use your skills to develop your abilities. You will get to study about the digital content and the various 2D as well as 3D VR/AR technologies available and their application in the desired field. USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Netherlands offer the most advanced AR/VR degree courses. After learning about the basic principles and methodologies of this field, you can work towards the further research and application of VR/AR technology and develop apps, games, visualizations etc. It is a growing discipline with extensive potential.

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